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The Pint-Sized Prophets Book

Dr. Chuck’s young patients have each taught him special lessons about living his own life to the fullest. In his book Pint-Sized Prophets, Dr. Chuck shares poignant, heartfelt, and often humorous moments between himself and the patients he has treated around the world as a pediatric rehabilitation doctor and founder of the global health organization, Timmy Global Health.

100% of proceeds from the sale of this book will support Dr. Chuck’s mission both locally and around the world.

Find the inspiration to make a difference where you are right now! Check out the stories of physical healing in Pint-Sized Prophets today.

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What Others Are Saying About The Book

“Pint-Sized Prophets is the amazing tale of a wise and witty man who has dedicated his life to helping the youngest and the weakest among us in some of the most obscure corners of the globe.”

Denis Boyles

Author, Man Eaters Motel and African Lives, Contributing Editor, Men's Health Magazine

“Anyone with a love for children who has experienced adversity will feel the profound messages in these writings. This book is a treasure of Dr. Chuck’s personal lifetime insights and experiences. He helps us to see with clarity that the healing process is not only a function of the medical abilities of a doctor but the selfless acts of love and commitment to his patients for a deeper healing of the soul.”

Scott and Lori Bracale

President, Tween Brands

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